July 13, 2014

A Sol Mechanic @ The Silent Barn (Brooklyn, NY) 

On July 7th, 2014, A Sol Mechanic (Los Angeles,CA) stopped off at The Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY during his Summer Tour to perform with other label mates during the Stereocure Showcase. Live versions of You Excite Me and Take It Slow. 

His show was non stop song after song, in which there is no way without being able to bob your head or move your feet. If you have never listened to A Sol Mechanic before, he is a downtempo artist who blends hip-hop esq. beats with downtempo/soft melodic jazz back ground. He uses tons of samples as well as lends his own voice on a few tracks. He will dropping an EP yet to be named on August 12th through Stereocure and a full length later this year. For now check the links below for more about A Sol Mechanic.

Upcoming shows:

July 15th, 2014 - Monarch (San Francisco, CA)

July 17th, 2014 -  Cafe Club Fais Do Do (Los Angeles)

For more info on A Sol Mechanic follow the links below:





To download Take It Slow:


To download You Excite Me:


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